Two-factor Authentication - how to set it up

Two-factor Authentication - how to set it up

Two-factor Authentication on MxM

2FA (Two-factor Authentication) has always been an essential feature of MxM v4, offered via email and/or SMS. Now, we have added Google Authenticator to our 2FA methods  - and temporarily removed the SMS method.

Enabling 2FA means that, each time you sign in, MxM will request a second way to verify its you. This secures your account and its data against unauthorized access.

Google Authenticator (iOS, Android) - MxM Setup

We made setup very straightforward. 

Go to Settings > Two-factor Authentication (2FA). Follow the instructions. You will download the Google Authenticator app, then scan the QR code with your phone’s camera.

Setting up Google Authenticator from a mobile device

If you can’t scan it on a separate device, here’s a helpful tip per mobile OS: 

iOS 16 and up

Download Google Authenticator and sign in. Screenshot the 2FA screen on MxM where the QR code is showing. Then, go to the Photos app. Open the screenshot. Press and hold the QR code, and you’ll get an option to automatically open your profile into Google Authenticator. 

Once set up, just copy the first code (before the timer runs out!) and paste it in the “Confirmation Code” field on MxM Network. You’ll get a confirmation message when you save. 

Android OS

Here’s an article:,link%20above%20the%20QR%20code.&text=For%20other%20Android%20devices%2C%20open,QR%20code%20using%20Google%20Lens.

Grab the damn backup codes!

The best part about using Google Authenticator? You can download backup codes to keep from getting locked out.

Once you’ve set up Google Authenticator, hit “Download backup codes”. It’ll download a set of codes to your device that will get you in if you can’t get to Authenticator for a while.


The beautiful thing about 2FA? It won’t always tell you if you did the setup wrong. 

After setup, if you’re constantly putting in the right codes and MxM is rejecting them at sign in, you’ll need our help to reset your 2FA.

Just reach out to us here, and we’ll reset things from our side - then, help you set it up right.

Unusual Login Detection

By default, MxM automatically requests verification of any unusual sign in attempts (new device or location) via an emailed confirmation code.

This is a separate security layer than 2FA, and may be triggered in place of your preferred two-factor method (Google Authenticator, Authy for example). You’ll always want to make sure you have access to your email. 


We will be adding support for Authy soon. When this has been done, we will let you know!

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