Joining as a Member

Joining as a Member

Welcome to MxM Network! 

Welcome to an original fetish community! Joining as a member is simple - click the "Join (18+)" button on the welcome page of, or simply click here.

What to Expect
MxM's dominant interests change greatly over time. As of Q3 2023, the most dominant interests are weight-based fetish play (weight domination such as squashing and trampling), facesitting, foot fetish, wrestling, and lift-and-carry! There are plenty of other interests in the mix, but if any of those sound like your thing, you'll probably fit right in!

Entry Requirements

Registration Requirements 
In order for your membership to be valid, the following must be met: 
  1. Be 18 years of age or older
  2. Be cis-male or masculine non-binary
  3. You cannot have an active ban or suspension ("good standing") 
  4. Your submitted date of birth must be accurate and not be made up
  5. Your email address must be valid (if it kicks back, we freeze your membership)
Profile Requirements 
In order for your profile to be approved upon registering, you must have included a relevant: 
  1. Avatar 
  2. Stats
  3. Bio
Given our past issues with lower quality profiles joining, we won't allow entry without all three.

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