Incident Response at MxM

Incident Response at MxM

We treat our mission to connect fetish people around the world with great care. To do that, we have to at least stay online! For any website of our nature to do that, it must run responsibly, respond quickly to outages, and keep bad actors at bay.

If things seem smooth and easy from your end, chances are we’re doing our job well! Our Incident Response covers several scenarios - such as instability with our code, the rate of cyberattack attempts against the service, the safety of our members from a political standpoint, increased violations of our policies in a way that could threaten our legal standing, and so much more.

We created the MxM Incident Response System to make it easy for you to understand how our reaction to various issues affects your experience on our website. There's only 4 areas to remember:


  • No major issues/threats or problematic community activity (but we're constantly doing security/integrity sweeps to keep it that way)
  • Membership is available and open to the fetish/kink adult public
  • All offered features are enabled

SEVERITY ONE - “Concern”

  • The service is unstable, or a security issue has presented itself
  • We may temporarily stop open registration and delegate new user invites to existing members
  • Some features may become unavailable
  • Posts may temporarily be metered/filtered for approval by admins before they show up in the feed

SEVERITY TWO - “Trouble”

  • An issue affecting the service has been established and we’re working to remove or resolve it
  • New memberships will be completely halted
  • We may enable security controls that:
    • Limit the ability to upload large files
    • Render the service unstable
  • Some features will be completely disabled
  • The website may become "read-only" (posting disabled) if recovery becomes necessary

SEVERITY THREE - “Nightwatch”

  • A significant issue or threat affecting the service has been identified and 24:7 response is in progress
  • If the issue is related to privacy or safety, members are contacted and provided an explanation of what’s happening
  • The service is moved to temporary lockdown; members will see a “Service Unavailable” message on all MxM resources when attempting to access the fetish community from the website
  • If a cyber threat, measures are taken to secure member data


After an incident has been resolved, we publish a root cause statement for users to view. If there are any impacts to privacy or safety, we notify the entire membership base by email.

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