Ending your membership

Ending your membership

We totally *sniffles* understand. We're a grassroots fetish network of 1.7K awesome guys from around the world, aren't our absolute best yet, and enabling you to locate others with the same interests as you is not yet perfected on our side.

Many who leave return - and we hope you do too.

FIRST AND LAST WARNING - You'll want to download your membership data before deleting your account! 

Our system was designed around General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) - which means, when you leave, the system does a clean wipe of every single post, comment, thread, message exchanged -or- received (meaning any user you message loses the conversation thread too), your profile, everything.

It will be like you were never there.

What you can export: 

  1. Information from your profile 
  2. All of your past posts
  3. A list of groups you joined or created
  4. Any pages you opened or liked
  5. A list of your followers 
  6. A list of people you followed
What you can NOT export: 
  1. Your past message history 
  2. Your settings configuration
  3. Anything not listed above

Method One - Settings

Head to Settings > Delete MxM Membership. 

From there, please confirm whether you'd like to delete your account. It will then ask for your password. 

Once you type it in, that's it. You're logged out, and your account is completely wiped from our servers. You will receive a confirmation email notifying you that your account is deleted - along with the associated membership, and your obligations to our Terms of Service.

Method Two - Just Ask Us

Send us a request requesting deletion of your account here. The ticket opened must match the email address attached to your membership, or we may not be able to honor the request. 

We will honor your request the moment we see your request (and we have push notifications, so that typically is pretty immediate) , so assume it's done unless you withdraw your ticket before we see and act on it. 

Alternate option - Place your account into Reserves (NEW)

If the reason you're leaving amounts to lack of people nearby to network with, we can place your account into Reserves. Basically, this means your profile will disappear from the network to other users - until you reach out and ask to come back.

It's "deleting your account without deleting your account", or better phrased, "hibernating your membership" until things change. We plan on adding automatic notifications to accounts in Reserve status - so that you know when users nearby join.

You requesting Reserves status also lets us know where we need to aggressively improve - networking and more users.

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