Unplanned System Update - Resolved

Unplanned System Update - Resolved

Unplanned System Update - Complete


Thursday, September 21st at 2:00AM Central / 6:00AM GMT

  • The issue with the posts system is now resolved
  • We have updated all existing code to the latest version
  • We coordinate this morning (2:00PM GMT 9/21/23) with our developer to restore all of our modifications to the core software - which will complete all updates for the time being
  • Registration of new users is temporarily halted until later today when our membership approval system has been restored

Developer Coordination - Code Pending Restore

Code/Feature + Details

Feature ID 

(Delivered 7/4/23) User Approval System; allowing members of the support team to approve -or- reject new member registrations. Effectively eliminates spam and prevents ineligible users from joining the network.


(Delivered 5/31/23) Nearby, Phase 3; Added Nearby to the Global Feed, as a sliding grid of a set amount of profiles closest in distance to the signed-in member. Additionally adds a second row indicating users who are online at the time of page refresh. 


(Delivered 5/30/23) Nearby, Phase 2; Continued deeper work on geolocation code to be NOT IP-based, but instead geolocation based. Additionally, introduced improved location updating behavior between the client device and the database - it was not updating aggressively enough before. Introduced Unix timestamp updates by the custom code each time (‘last_location_update’) each time a user’s location is committed successfully.


(Delivered 5/24/23) Nearby, Phase 1; Introduced Nearby system, which is a pro member-exclusive grid page that populates all profiles in relation to user’s current location within a code-set radius. 


(Delivered 1/18/23) IP Location-based Verification Enforcement; US laws have emerged requiring websites similar to ours to require their users to verify they are of legal age before they can use our website. This feature keeps us in legal compliance.


(Delivered 10/21/22) Profile Lock; Enhanced privacy option allowing users to prevent access to their profile based on two criteria - (1) whether the visiting user has a location set on their profile, or (2) whether the visiting user is being followed by the subject user.


(Delivered 10/2/22) Profile Keywords, Phase 2; Provided the ability for users to search the location fields of other users - within Quick Search & Advanced Search.


(Delivered 8/27/22) Registration Page Changes; Added a date of birth field to registration, made it a required field, and set code rejecting any DOB entry that would make them less than 18 years of age. Added a Bio to registration. Integrated Profile Keywords submission to registration.


(Delivered 8/24/22) Profile Keywords, Phase 1; Added profile keywords to all member profiles. Implemented a setting that allows users to customize their profile keywords. Provided the ability for users to search  profile keywords within Quick Search & Advanced Search. 


OLDER… (Not a priority for Version Control)

Thanks to everyone for their enormous patience and care. We will forever strive to provide the best fetish experience for our members.

~ Logan